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Reach new levels of productivity with our curated range of computer monitors and second screens from Mitronics. Whether you're a prolific multitasker, a graphic designer refining visual details or a gamer seeking immersive experiences, a high-quality monitor can transform your computer setup and enhance your digital interactions. Let's redefine what's possible in your digital workspace. Browse our catalogue today.


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Samsung RG590 49" 5120 X 1440 LED Curved Monitor


LENOVO M90A AIO G3 I5-12500, 23.8"HD TOUCH, 256GB SSD, 8GB, UHD 770, WIFI+BT, W10P64, 3YOS


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Philips 23.8 " Monitor FHD IPS LED

$160.00 Inc. GST
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LG 24 Inch Full HD LED IPS Monitor - 1920x1080

$165.00 Inc. GST
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Samsung 24" Bezel-Less LED Monitor

$153.00 Inc. GST
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Samsung 27" Full HD Curved Monitor

$196.00 Inc. GST
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LG 27 Inch FHD IPS LED Monitor - 1920x1080

$196.00 Inc. GST
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Samsung 27" LED Monitor

$201.00 Inc. GST
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HP P22 G5 - 21.5" IPS, 16:9, 1920x1080, VGA+DP+HDMI, Tilt, 3 Yrs (replaces 1A7E4AA)

$213.00 Inc. GST
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Choosing the right computer monitors for your workspace

Selecting the perfect computer monitor for your professional workstation involves careful consideration of several key factors:

  • Size and resolution — A larger monitor provides more screen space, allowing you to effortlessly juggle multiple windows or view large spreadsheets without constant scrolling. The resolution, measured in pixels, is another vital aspect. Higher resolution delivers sharper, clearer images. For work tasks requiring detail and precision, a high-resolution display such as 4K UHD is beneficial. For normal office tasks, a 1080p monitor will suffice.
  • Panel type — There are primarily three types of display panels: IPS, VA and TN. IPS panels offer superior colour accuracy and viewing angles, making them ideal for design tasks. VA panels excel in contrast ratio, while TN panels provide the fastest response times, though at the expense of colour accuracy and viewing angles.
  • Refresh rate — Although high refresh rates are primarily beneficial for gamers, they can still contribute to a smoother and more responsive user experience in everyday tasks. A monitor with a higher refresh rate can render fast-moving content more clearly.
  • Colour accuracy — Particularly important for photographers, graphic designers and video editors, a monitor with high colour accuracy ensures that what you see on screen is an accurate representation of your work. Look for a monitor that covers a large percentage of the sRGB or Adobe RGB colour spaces.
  • Eye care features — Many monitors now come with features designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue — a must for those long workdays. Look for monitors with flicker-free technology and blue light filters. Some models even offer an ergonomic stand that lets you adjust the height, tilt and swivel to maintain a comfortable viewing position.


Take the leap to enhanced productivity

It's time to upgrade your workspace with the right computer monitor. Pair it with one of our high-performance desktop computers to create a truly dynamic work machine. Whether designing, coding, planning or brainstorming, make the most of your day with our comprehensive technology solutions. Check out our catalogue of monitors and revolutionise your workspace today.

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