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Canon Ink

Boost the performance of your Canon printer with the exceptional quality of Canon ink cartridges available at Mitronics. Whether you're working on important business reports, creating vibrant marketing materials or printing memorable family photos, our range of Canon printer ink ensures brilliant, lasting print results every time. Trust Mitronics for your Canon ink needs and experience the difference in your prints.

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Canon PGI35 Black Ink

$16.95 Inc. GST
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Canon BCI-3E Cyan Ink


Canon BCI-3E Magenta Ink


Canon BCI24BK Black Ink

$19.95 Inc. GST
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Canon PGI1680BK Black Ink

$19.95 Inc. GST
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Canon CLI681 Black Ink

$19.95 Inc. GST
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Canon CLI681 Yellow Ink

$19.95 Inc. GST
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Canon CLI681 Magenta Ink

$19.95 Inc. GST
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Canon BCI-3E Black Ink


Canon ink cartridges — providing superior ink quality for decades

Despite the digital age advancing rapidly, the need for tangible, high-quality printed materials remains significant. Whether you're a graphic designer striving for accurate colour representation or a business professional who needs clear, crisp text documents, your choice of printer ink matters. Opting for Canon ink cartridges ensures that your prints meet and surpass your quality expectations every time.

Mitronics understands your diverse printing needs. That's why we carry products from Canon, a globally trusted brand, to bring you a vast selection of Canon printer ink. These cartridges have been specially designed to work seamlessly with your Canon printer, delivering the exact quantity of ink required for each print, thus preventing wastage and maintaining the longevity of your printer.

The durability of prints made using Canon ink is another significant advantage. Even after an extended period, your photographs will maintain their vibrant colours, and your text documents will stay bold and clear. This quality extends to a wide range of printing materials, making Canon ink cartridges a versatile choice for all your printing needs.

Canon's commitment to sustainability aligns with our own. The cartridges are designed for easy recycling, with a comprehensive recycling program encouraging users to return their used cartridges. This way, when you choose Canon, you're not only guaranteeing superior print quality but also contributing to a more sustainable planet.


Trust Mitronics for your Canon printer ink

Ready to experience unparalleled print quality with Canon ink cartridges? Choose Mitronics, a trusted provider with almost 30 years in business, having supplied over 12,000 organisations. We pride ourselves on our stellar customer service, ready to assist you with all your printing needs. Besides Canon printer ink, we also stock a vast range of other printer supplies, including Epson ink. Visit our online catalogue or get in touch with us today and enhance your printing experience.

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